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"CrossEnergy" Workshop

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Czech-Bavarian research and networking workshop on regional development

Workshop focus

Three areas of interest will be covered by the workshop. Results on the prediction of short and long term  regional as well as macroscopic trends and drivers will be presented. Additionally, the team will present their assessment of planning procedures on both sides of the border. A live presentation of the developed software tool supporting regional development decisions on energy infrastructure extensions with emphasis on renewable energies will be given in the afternoon. An additional purpose of the workshop is to interconnect various stakeholders related to regional development, which are located in the Czech-Bavarian region.

project overview

The Czech-German Project CrossEnergy focusses on the regional development of the border region, focussing on technical specifications within the electricity grid and the shared use of renewable energies. The major technical goal is to develop a decision support tool, which assists to take local strategic decisions in regional development.

Bearing demographic changes in mind, technological trends and regulatory policies, a future design of the cross- border power systems is propsed. The goal of the project is to consider economically, technically and societally suitable measures. Public bodies as well as distribution and system operators are our main stakeholder groups  with strong exploitation potential of the project outcomes.




Prof. Eduard Janeček (UWB)


Keynote presentations
Future research challenges and technological trends from a regulator's perspective
Dr. Jan Šefránek (ředitel R&D, ERÚ)

Future energy systems in Germany and Europe - Delphie-study 2040
Ludwig Friedl, Energieagentur Regensburg




Presentation of project results

Forecasting the future regional electricity demand and the potential of renewable energies
Dr. Luis Ramirez Camargo (THD)
Power network planning approaches in the Czech-Bavarian region
Dr. Miloslava Tesařová (UWB)
M.Sc. Hermann Kraus (OTH)

Presentation on a decision support system for regional development
Dr. Martin St
řelec (UWB)


Coffee break


Case study presentations and live demo

Cross Energy Team


Panel discussion

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dorner, Peter Ranzinger and others


Closing and networking



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